Œfelio is a weird-ass Mii who uses star hack to kill the Bimbo (Peach) and eat Pickles with Goop. Many racers would like to see Œfelio roasted and banned, but they don't do anything because they prefer Roasted Bimbo with Lettuce and Ham for Dinner. On July, 23rd, 2009!. he was captured by Al-Queada operatives in Cloud Land, for hacking online. The operatives questioned his small penis size, but no one would answer not even himself. Afterwards, Shigeru himself visited teh hacker and stabbed in the heart for hacking online. Afterwards, Shiegru was arrested on January 21, 2011 for treason against mentally retarded goombas. Œfelio was later buried at a cemetery outside Toad Town, where people took a piss on his grave. Today, his grave smells like ****.

Appearances: Mario Fart Wii, Mario Mart, Mario Kart Wee (non canon shame) and How to Roast Peachy Bimbo.

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