0 aka Microsoft is a company that makes poor games with horrible graphics and sound. 0 can also be Luigi and IF someone uses it to divide... IT BECOMES WEEGEE!


0 appears in Number Island smashing the crap outta 2 for food and the ultime control of the Wii Realm and the Quadriforce.


  • 0`s appeared in many places and U might be one too.
  • 0 has screwed Sony`s plans to release Malleo and Weegee Les Freres du Temps 64.
  • 0 is a Cheese Hater
  • 0 is a Cheese Lover too
  • 0 is your mom
  • 0 Is everything but everything
  • 0 is your ass
  • The Koopa Kids are the guys who reated it to defeat that guy.
  • 0 is O's brother. He is also befriend with H and Y.
  • 0 is actually bowser but thinner.
  • 0 can also merge with a 1 to become 10

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