2 IS EVIL is a 2D platform shame on Nintendo Cubegame.


Box cover of this shame


Mario was fixing the pipes in the kitchen of Princess Peach's castle. During his work, Mario wanted to ask Peach if there are other pipes to fix, but he got no response. So Mario tried to find her. He fund nothing but a paper, it says:

Dear Mario:

I've kidnapped Princess Peach. If you want to save her. She's in the drain.

When Mario slips up by TheBourgyman

How Mario got to Princess Toadstool's castle


Since Mario has to fix the pipe, so he asked Luigi to save her.


  1. Princess Toadstool's Bathroom
  2. Pipe World
  3. Weegee's Lair
  4. Luigi's Mansion of Doom!
  5. Haunted Rainforest
  6. Weegee Mines
  7. Sky Pipes
  8. SUPER EVIL EVIL 2"s Castle


Many people bought this shame and said it is pretty good. But most people think this title is not very exact to the shameplay exprct Wario. Besides, Bower doesn't like this shame at all because he thinks 2 in this shame snatched his job.


52 dollars


  1. Main Menu
  2. Princess Toadstool's Bathroom
  3. Pipe World
  4. Pipe World Boss
  5. Weegee's Lair
  6. Weegee's Lair Boss
  7. Luigi's Mansion of Doom!
  8. Luigi's Mansion of Doom! Boss
  9. Haunted Rainforest
  10. Haunted Rainforest - Boss
  11. Weegee Mines
  12. Weegee Mines - Boss
  13. Sky Pipes
  14. Sky Pipes Boss
  15. SUPER EVIL EVIL 2's Castle
  16. Final Boss
  17. Credits
  18. Victory
  19. Game Over