The 81G L4Z3R is a weapon made by L33T C0. It is one of the power-ups in Super Terrorist Bros., and gives the player the ability PUR3 0WN4G3 which lets you tottally pwn everything in its but it is so 81G that if you bring it you cant bring any other power-ups, which is somewhat lame. It is unlocked by blowing up all book pages with numbers on them. When it is unlocked the following message appears: U H4V3 UNL0CK3D T3|-| 81G L4Z3R, U R T0TT4L3Y L33T 4ND N0T 4 N00B L1K3 TH4T P3R20N!


This is it. If you see it, duck and cover. Of course, I don't think that would help you.

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