Aberham Lincoln is a historical figure in the Mushroom Kingdom society. He held the Mushinary War. He is still alive today, but a very old Rag-Doll. He speaks in Rhymes. He is not yet potty trained, but tries his best. He met with George W. Bush in the Movie George's Carpet Adventure. In this movie, he helped George Defeat the Giant Monkey, and his servant, Evil Guy. Abe then walked away into the sunshine, waving goodbye to George, only to be slapped in the head a bajillion times. However, they were only acting, so he is still alive and well. He also appears in the Super UnMarioWiki Mascots 64 game, where he is the boss of the Lincoln Memorial. Contrary to popular belief, his name is spelled "Aberham", not "Abraham". He is one of the four presidents on Mount Rushless.

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