A hearty battle cry.

"All Toasters Toast Toast!" is what They say. Originating from an obscure passage of the Enclosed Instruction Book, it has since become a famous battle cry and a longtime symbol of Mushroom Kingdomian peace.

The first recorded use of "All Toasters Toast Toast" in warfare came in the year 200X ABY, in the darkest nightmare hour when not moon nor sun had risen. Upon being stricken with a power outage in Roy's HardBrick Hotel, Mario and Weegee searched countless hours for the source of the problem, only to discover that it had horrifyingly risen from the ownership of too many toasters. Undaunted, Mario knew what he had to do: risk his life to unplug the toasters, thus restoring power to the hotel. However, in hopes of keeping his life, Mario needed some sort of diversion; hence, the yelling of "All Toasters Toast Toast!" was born in an attempt to distract the unknowing machines before their demise. In the end, the battle cry proved worthy in correctly diverting the toasters' attention, but Mario did end up tripping over a pickle on the way out of the toaster room and DIEing.

Since the historic battle, the phrase has become a legend among Toad soldiers, who commonly scream it into battle pompously. It is comparable to other famous battle cries such as "I have not yet begun to fight!", "By the Power of Greyskull...", and "All Your Base Are Belong to Us."

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