I Like Musheal!

This article isn't Information but it's still not crap enough

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a likely candidate

Another tiny moron that absolutely no one cares about is an unknown creature in the Marioverse (some say that can be a Koopa Troopa, but it is unclear since some say that he is a Boo and other people say that he's a Toad), it's way hard to see him anywhere; he tried to find a place in MarioWiki but he "got a red card" there, and came here today to find a place. He is a hater that hates the world and is so much of a loser, that his girlfriend's name is Loser d Tuani. He hates The big smarty that everyone cares about, and he is a rival with Some tiny moron that nobody cares about. Despite this he was friends with him in Mario and his LOW grades 2. The most famous another tiny moron that absolutely no one cares about is King Harkinian but he was declared worth living.
Shady Koopa

He is someone... possibly!

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