O, yea! I'm goody 4 shamez! Hail ArcadeHobo, I luv tem shamez! Hobohs, hobohs, hobohs, no hoboh is bettuh then mee!

The ArcadeHobo is a hobo who reviews shames, and has talking and grammar problems, thus, he broke the Guinness World Nobody Gives a Damn Records of being the most retarded English-speaking hobo and reviewer ever. He is known for reviewing Super Smash Bros. PHAILURE, Super Mario Gradius, and not to mention, Super Mario 129. He is also planning to review a really awesome shame known as Mario Tag. He lives in a giant cardboard box underground, with an antenna, a 2004 camcorder, and an eMac, in where he makes his turdy, but somewhat kinda funny reviews.

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