Arnold is a balloon who likes to eat donuts and Waluigis. Arnold lived in the center of the Earth with his friend Mr.

Krabs. He used to work for Nintendo but  he got fired when he drank

Memeface without mask questionmark

Tario's body. Then he was brutally murdered by Cupcake because he was too stupid, by was resurrected by Someone to play with in Super Mario Universe, but got mutated from FFR and became Hellbent Arnold.

Arnold appears in two shames, and that is Can We Fix It 2? where you have to try to pop him because he started screaming for no reason and Super Mario Universe where he helped Someone fly to get attention.

As Hellbent Arnold

After he turned evil,he went on a murderous rampage, killing 3.14 people, then stealing four orders of Happy Meals from McDonalds. Then, after hijacking a meteor from the Yoshi's Meteorite Company, he destroyed the Nintend'oh headquarters, stopping the release of the Nintendo 2SD.


Arnold has many weaknesses, so I will list a few.

Water, Chuck Norris, The Great One, Bill Gates, squids, Weird Al, pens, cupcakes, Milk, SpongeBob SquarePants, Michael Jackson and Giygas to name some.


Since Arnold was stupid he got a job being a waiter at Burger King.