Yoshi teaching Baby Mario about being potty trained.

Baby Mario is Mario when he was a baby. He obviously used a Time Machine to get to the present, however when he was in the present many mistook him for Mario's son.


Right before the Yoshi's Island Scandal, Yoshi was walking around Yoshi's Island, when suddenly Baby Mario fell out of the sky. It had been a Stork who had dropped him from the sky in an attempt to kill Yoshi, however Baby Mario was so light Yoshi survived. Yoshi thought that the baby actually was searching for his long lost brother, and decided to go around 8 worlds for some reason, destroying many civilizations and getting extremely deadly sue papers. Then Baby Bowser decided to kidnap Baby Luigi, trying to make him lend him his cap.

When Yoshi came, Baby Bowser got mad that they interrupted his pathetic woes and turns into a Monster. Unfortunately, the wind blowed Baby Luigi's cap and his baldness reflected The Sun's rays, turning Baby Bowser to ashes. Yoshi thought that the Stork had dropped Baby Mario by accident and freed the Stork. The Stork attacked Yoshi and tried to kill him but failed. Baby Mario had to be sent to the past so he couldn't ruin the present time or anything however he occasionally returns and meets his older self. 1e2

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