The Baby Panda was a child born in a zoo. His mother took care of him for a while. However one day, the panda got a fever and sneezed very hard and the whole zoo closed down because they thought the Baby Panda had gone crazy and wanted to kill everyone. The Panda was taken to Africa (the owners of the zoo thought Pandas belonged to Africa not to China) and then the Panda escaped to China and became the "Kung Fu Panda". His mother then moved to Japan where she became a Koala. It first appeared in Mario Kart: Quadruple Dash!!!! as a kid that kept bothering the driver.

The Baby Panda later appeared in Yoshi Poke to Death and Go as a mini-boss that attacks by sneezing. The Baby Panda was interviewed by the SMK Radio and he said that true warriors never gave up. Although he is adult now, many call him Baby Panda stil and some call him Kung Fu Panda and others strangely call him Jack Black. He made a cameo in Super Goombario and had a major role in an unreleased game called Super Mario Zoo.

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