Fresh Bacon.

Bacon is an substance in the Mario series that nobody likes except him. It can only be removed by using Cheese. It was one of the main hazards in Super Mario Cheese Shine, where Mario had to clean up all the bacon with cheese. Later, at the end of the game, it turns out that the Cheese Haters covered the Place in bacon, trying to take over the island and to destroy it. NintenDO uses it as a controller for the no-controller "handhelds" Nintendo SD and Nintendo SD Obese. However, people keep eating it while playing. People don't eat it because when you eat it, it eats your stomach. All varieties of bacon apart from choco-bacon taste great when dipped in Barbecue Sauce. You mind control Dora The Explorer in Super Mario 128, Super Mario 129, and Super Mario 130 to control Luigi and Wario with bacon.

Varieties of Bacon


  • Bacon has been criticized by people because it shortens lifespan by five minutes.
  • Stylus Bacon was the most controversial, criticized by everytime being eaten (so you have to buy another, duh) and often criticized by greasing the screen.

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