Bad Luigi is one of Luigi's replacements, he replaced New Luigi because New Luigi died after New Mario. He's very tough, mean, and is a criminal so he got replaced by Weegee after being arrested

Bad Luigi's mugshot.

. Bad Luigi is a known member of the Bad People.

Early life

When young, Bad Luigi covered up as a con artist. When he was 13, he got a job at a con artist school, where he met his first victim - a man named Lard. Lard was a very rude and stupid student, and bullied Bad Luigi even though the guy was like 29 freakin' years old. Bad Luigi dealt with the scolding for a solid three years until he lost it and slit Lard's throat with a butter knife.

Bad Luigi then proceeded to kill all the students who were allied with Lard. He was then wanted for a 70,000,00 bounty. He escaped from the police, and ran to Chocolate Hills.

Bad Luigi, when he was 17, celebrated his birthday by killing everybody in Poland and moving onto Cuba. He attempted to destroy Cuba as well, but Fidel Castro intervened. Bad Luigi killed some of Fidel's handimen and ran back to Chocolate Hills. He was then wanted for a 120,000,00 bounty after these incidents. Bad Luigi had a heart attack, but was healed by the Chupacabra's native to Chocolate Hills.

Bad People Initiation

When Bad Luigi was 18, he met Dark Studious, and wanted in with the Bad People. Dark Studious enjoyed all of Bad Luigi's evil deeds, especially since he was so young. He then let him in with the Bad People, but not without initiation first. Bad Luigi's initiation was to cut apart the union of Russia bit by bit, until it fell into a massacre of a civil war, which involved Germany. He succeeded, and became a new member of the Bad People. For his deeds done to Russia, he has a 480,000,000 bounty now.

Current Whereabouts

After going on a Bad People mission with his Bad People partner Loser D. Tuani, he has not been seen since.

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