The Bad People are a group of terrorists that are dedicated to doing very bad things to nice people. Michael Jackson fears them, thinking they will do bad things to him, so he hides in his basement to stay safe from them.


The Bad People were founded by the first Dork Lord of the Pith, Dark Studious, who wanted to abandon his whiny son and needed to get away from him. So, since he was basically a loser who had no life, he gathered up a bunch of thugs, brutes, wimps in wigs, tiny rabbits, serial killers, Bowser, Ronald McDonald, and the King of Flan to go around and do bad stuffs to other people.


One of the first bad things they did was blowing up the planet Korn, home of Pooper Man. The next bad thing they did was they invented the McGriddle Sandwich. They also were the ones that put Paris Hilton in jail. They proceeded to kill Batman's parents, cause the stock crash in 1929, cancel the shame Stupid Smack Sisters Smackdown nine times, cause the Beatles to break up and never get back together, make Britney Spears a loser in love, making Lindsay Lohan join them and become a bad person, and such.


They are involved in a plot to destory all the trees in the entire world. They also want to make a sandwich that is far more deadly than the McGriddles in order to kill off more people. They are also on a quest to end the terrible reign of the ruthless Mario and the malevolent Princess Rosalina and her assistant Henry. They are also out to destroy the High Order of Good, the very ones who shunned Dark Studious and Lindsay Lohan.

Known Members

Below are a few well known members:

Secret Members

Below are a few members who are secretly a part of the organization, but don't make it known:

Rumored Members


There are actually some who were forced to serve the Bad People long ago. Some are:

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