Bario is Mario's cousin and he likes popcorn so much that he became Popcorn Man. He thinks that Wario is made of popcorn. He tries to eat him sometimes.

Bario's Participation In The Katsu War

Bario was one of Mario's lieutenants in the Katsu War. He was an A-Rank general that killed many German Weegees, but perished in the war. Mario and Deidara missed him so much that they made a replica of the Revival Machine and revived Bario. Now Bario chopped off one of Wario's arms and turned it into a Bottomless Popcorn Dispenser, and he has recently attached it to his face so that he eats popcorn every second.

Facts About Bario

  • Bario is like Mario in many ways.
  • Bario likes to play with Gopi.
  • Bario is one of the people that knows Katsu.



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