Killer Barney

Barney clearly loves to eat kids.


Barney was a stupid, EVIL and a pedophiled purple dinosaur, who collects kids and eats them for dinner. He was also the main character of the Star Fox and Metroid series. He became the character of two series after replacing Fox McCloud and Samus Aran. Elmo has a UBERly rivalry with Barney, along with Mario, Malleo, Luigi, Weegee, Yoshi, Yushee and everybody else in existence. Athough, Barney used to be immune to the Weegee Stare until the stare evolved. Barney was later sued for making statements "against cheese rights" and became a hobo. As a way to make money, he killed Donkey Kong's guide dog and replaced him, demanding to be paid. Barney ate a snowcone that was so big, even snowcones said that it was a textbook sometimes. He was now retired, living in DK Manor, until he was killed by Todd and Copper. Then, he was revived by the Foreign Legion but he also got turned into a beetle, sent to Hyrule and got eaten by Yoshi. Do you know how popsicles are made? He took over Yoshi and made him go back to the Mushroom Kingdom. The beetle then joined the Ancient Geeks and was squished. Barney then asploded.

Dry Barney

After his death, he went to hell. He got his skin burnt off, and met dora. Then, he found the portal to Earth.

Who He Really Is


OMG, Look at him!

Barney The Weegee is really Kabuto, who is another beetle that ate an Acid Cupcake and blew up again. HE JUST WONT DIE!!!

Current Events

Recently, Barney escaped Hell through a portal. He planned to wreak havoc, but immediately he met Deidara, and a short battle ensued. Barney sent an electric shockwave through the ground, which Deidara jumped up and avoided. Deidara then used Katsu and reduced Barney to ashes. The shockwave dissolved, leaving Deidara unharmed as he landed. Barney is currently in Hell again and planning to get revenge on Deidara, if he can find another way to escape from Hell. He is also undergoing intense training, so he can be a match for Deidara in his next battle.

Barney and the Lanes

Barney was also once called the King of Bowling, that is, until Fawful joined the scene in 1987, and beat both Midbus and Barney, reducing Midbus to tears and dethroning Barney as the king of bowling. Somewhere on Barney's list of revenges is Fawful, whom he plans to beat in the next bowling championship, that is, if he can escape from hell again.... And he did. And soon he met Ash Ketchum, A maniac killer who had killed about 9000 guys. He almost killed Barney. Barney had lots of injuries and Ash tried feeding him to his pikachuz until they turned onn him and Ash was chased and then caught by Police. Barney was sent to the hospital. Today at 1:15 he was pronounced dead. His funeral will be on Friday the 13th 

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