Barney Gets Mugged is an episode of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show!


When Barney walked down the street, he got mugged by a robber. When the X-Men hear the news. they celebrate for no reason.



Barney is walking down the street. Then, a robber appears behind him.


Barney: You won't get it that easily! I am calling the police!!!

Robber: I want a fight instead! If you win, you can call the police! If I win, I will steal your wallet!

Barney: Sounds fair.

Robber: Let's go.

They both bring out guns, and hold them at each other. Barney shot the bullet first, but the Robber dodges and tries to shoot barney. Barney runs away (without getting shot) and gets behind wall and do potshots at each other. Then, they suddenly put away there guns.

Robber: Let's fight fist-to-FIST!

The Robber throws 3 punches at Barney and knocked him out.

Robber: I win!!!

Then the Robber gets his wallet and runs away.


Wario is reading the news. It zoomed in the news, where the same events happen from the last scene. Then Wario blows his horn and the X-Men appear.

Wario: Gentlemen! We are gonna celebrate Barney Getting Mugged!!!

The X-Men cheers.

The lights became multicolored and everyone is shaking their booty, making this a boring episode.

You groan and jump off a cliff,

(The End!)

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