Bat Man is a mental patient who escaped from a hospital and now dresses up in a bat suit and walks around mysteriously. The only bully who can kill him is The Joker, but Bat Man's too fast to be captured. The origin could've been skipped because its too stupid but we put it in anyway. 


Along time ago, Bat Man was some poor boy named Nick who wanted to eat his parents for mistaking them for cheese. Now, even though, Nick has been tought that his parents weren't cheese, Nick still wouln't get it. But then, one night, The Joker (once known as Jackie) broke into nick's house, stole all the DINNER, turned Nick's brain into cheese, and destroyed Nick's parents. Nick, now so stupid, ate his own butler, and ate a fridge! He was sent to a hospital but broke out, took an ugly costume from a costume store, and now, he's Bat Man! And soon he met a Robin named Robin.


  • He can make people fat! 
  • He can walk on the side of any building!
  • He can stop a speeding bullet! (once)

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