“Beans, beans, the magical fruit! The more you eat, the more you toot! ”

Fawful, one of the most famous beans in existence.

Beans are magical "Fruits" that make you fart when you eat them. It is unknown why people still eat them. They are a big part of the Burrito Monster. (Only Wario has attempted to defeat it, but failed) Sonic couldn't even outrun it.

Notable Beans

Cackletta: A distant descendant of the Burrito Monster. She plays a major role in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Shmaga.

Fawful: Is awful. Speaks in broken English. Has fury. He is also the main villain of Mario and Luigi: Are Pie Gee 3*, as well as Cackletta's henchman in Mario & Luigi:Super Star Shmaga. He even made an appearance in Mario & Luigi: Fart On Time as a secret bean salesman (why would he sell his own kind?).

Popple: A simple bean...or is he? It is a little-known fact that Popple is really the last of the Toclafane, who were once enemies of Doctor Who before he killed them all (What? He had to!). Popple appears in Mario & Luigi:Super Star Shmaga as a minor character, as well as in George W. Bush's Idiot Adventures as a murderous whimsical prankster.

Toclafane: An army of beans from the future. Nobody knows much about them. In fact, they're so mysterious that they don't have their own UnMarioWiki article. Their name stands for "Too Classy For Bane" (whatever that means) and they tried to overrun the Mushroom Kingdom before Doctor Who hired Wario to eat them and took all the credit. Luckily, just before they were eaten, the Toclafane managed to kill all the remaining Shroobs, who had been trying to invade the Mushroom Kingdom. Nobody even noticed.

Trivia/Relations to Mario

  • Mario likes beans.
  • Beans are what makes Wario so Fartudinous.'s a secret!
  • Beans make you fart.
  • One time, a bean fell into cauldron full of cheese, tortillas and more beans, and a very crude version of the burrito was born.
  • Bean has an A in it, and so does Mario.

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