Betty's snapshot in The Awesomespace Awesomessary.

Betty is some guy who appeared in some Mario shame somewhere sometime. This guy looks somehow like Bowser. He hit on Wowser once, but that didn't work out so well. That's because Betty has the same "gender issue" as Birdo. Also, in The Awesomespace Awesomessary, Betty will be a major villain, and will somehow be the current boss of Watoad. Betty apparently has access to technology or minions with that access, as he was able to create a robot body to house Watoad's head. Betty was killed near the end of TAA. Betty was turned into stone, and then shoved off a cliff, somehow managing to mutate themselves into tomatoes, which were later eaten by Super Dimentio. When Super Dimentio pooped him out, he got a job at Nintendo. Later that hour, Betty starred in the shame Supah Betty Galaxy, where he found out that he is actually a girl.After the game ended, Betty tried to get Napoleon to turn him into a boy, but he refused, as Betty only offered the ABSOLUTELY SAFE REFRIGERATOR with Porky in it. So Betty had to collect all 64 Hannah Montana DVD box sets, and had to watch them with Napoleon. By the end of the sets Betty was so scared that he turned into a rock again, and Napoleon swallowed the rock because he was hungry. Currently Betty resides in the small intestine of Napoleon, farming viruses to kill Napoleon one day.

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