Bianca dark prognosticus2

This is the REAL face of evil.

Bianca Rinaldy is Evil Guy's girlfriend that he just met a day ago in a fast-food restaurant known as McDonald's. She is also the leader of the Dark Prognosticus to rule the world and turn it into darkness.


She's totally evil and freaky, and she likes to kill people all the time, like Daisy.

The Showdown

In the game Super Rosalina Universe, Bianca was a the last boss before WaTumble. The battled in a battlefield above an Icy Sun. Bianca shot Rosalina with a Shotgun and she died, but Dora The Explorer from nowhere appeared and somehow revived Rosalina. From now on it was Psycho Vs Freaky; Rosalina took a Bazooka and almost destroyed the entire battlefield, then a huge Icy Cheep Cheep swallowed Bianca Rinaldy, but she used a bomb and the fish exploded, so the arena was now covered in blood and ice. Bianca Rinaldy got Dora The Explorer and said that she was goin' to kill her if Rosalina doesn't surrender. Rosalina in a totally cold act said "Kill Dora The Explorer!!". Bianca was almost shooting Dora when Edu appeared and said "I'm da richest guy in da whole world, gals!" and shot Bianca, but her somehow survived and killed Dora The Explorer but Evil Guy appeared from a Black Hole and used Mario's 1-Up Mushrooms to revive Dora. Bianca got mad and shot herself causing her to DIE, but she still tried to kill Rosalina but Rosalina passed a sword through Bianca's belly and threw her for the Cheep Cheeps to eat.
Tha Scream cover

Her favorite album.


TV station

In her East Hyrule home, she owns a pirate TV station named Bianca Rinaldy TV. It launched in 2009 and during commercial breaks, she tells people to do a poop on and become a nincompoop. The art (except for the logo, made by his boyfriend, Evil Guy) is nothing but scribble.


  • She has a big rivalry with Daisy.

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