“Pokeyman! With the pokey and the man!”
Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby, shooting a laser at one of his victims. This photo was taken on a day.

Bill cosby after

Bill Cosby is the discoverer of the UnWorld and founder of UnMarioWiki. He was once offered to join the UnMarioWiki Mascots however he reminded George W. Bush that Bill Cosby owned the wiki so George belonged to him. But even then Bill belongs to another Bill and that Bill belongs to Chuck Norris. Bill was born in an airplane on its way to Hollywood. He was crying on the plane, and some passengers even tried to slap him to shut him up. Eventually, his mom figured out that he had a dirty diaper, but never changed it for two years. New evidence suggests that the diaper was actually part of an evil plan from the father, also known as Dark Invader. H originally found the UnWorld in 50,000 BC, but left to continue his great trip through the entire universe. 50000 years later, Cosby finished exploring the entire universe and returned to the UnWorld to live there. As a result, dates before he came back are BC (Before Cosby) and after he came back are AC (After Cosby).

He also founded Webkinz, which is a shameful creation of his.

Personal life


He also has a daugther named Candy , who sometimes repeats what people say. He also has an adopted son:one of marios replacements bruh. His other pets are Ronald McDonald, George W. Bush and Evil Guy. He works at an office hidden in UnMario. It's actually pretty visible but since it has a big "Hidden" logo, everyone ignores it. In his personal life, he yells at Teh Shrug's boss to hurry up with Teh Shrug since Bill Cosby doesn't do anything in his personal life much except play videogames. He once tried to get Shigeru Miyamoto's job however after the sucky E2 2008 of Nintendo he realized Shiggy wasn't all that good. For the whole story of his life see this big and long page. He also created a really Fat Guy named Fat Albert. He also created Little Bill and is known for taking his Mario Cap. He hid in Little Bill's house for a while. Right now, This guy is at Jail with his Mafia for trying to kill alex0225


Bill cosby loves puddling pops and jello, he also likes to listen to the jazz but not rapping because it causes brain damage. he goes crazy and has a spaz fit when someone mentions pokemon "Pokemon? the poke and the mon and the thing with the guy coming out *gibberish* and he makes a fire on the sidewalk! Ah ah ah!" He is in prison for drugging and raping women which he strongly denies since he only likes Jello.