For those without comedic tastes, the so-called "experts" at MarioWiki have a real article on Bob-Omb.

A Bob-Omb in its natural habitat.

Bob-Ombs (also known as (OO)-8) are little bombs that are somehow alive and have eyes and feet for some reason. Bob-Ombs live in Bob-Omb Castle waiting for a random person to walk in so they can blow them up and go "KABOOM!!!" They are hateful little things created when Peach tried to make a pie and accidentally dropped toxic waste and industrial scraps in it. They were then cloned by Bill Cosby in an attempt to use them for his Galactic Domination.

Bob-ombs are the only creatures in the whole of the big bad Mushroom Kingdom that Weegee chooses not to stare at. It is widely believed that this is because of one of Weegee's only weaknesses being Barbecue sauce (one of the ingredients Peach used when trying to make a rhubarb pie), making it impossible for him to gain enough strength to weegify them. Dun-dun-dun-dun!!!!

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