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Bob The Builder
Real Name: Bob B. B.O.B
Birth: May 9, 1960
Age: 53
Health: Healthy; very he-... wait a second, not so sure about that one.
Family and relatives: Cake Guy (George) (dad), Grandma Bowser (mom)
Impostor(s) Bob Saget, Bob the Brute, Bobigi, Bob-Omb
Death: Alive

Bob The Builder is a builder. He appears in the Marioverse many times. The first time was in the original Super Mario Pallette Swaps and he appeared as a boss. When Mario defeated Bowser, Bob The Builder arose from the lava, and Mario had to challenge him. He is weak to building. He appears again in Paper Luigi, as a boss of fix-it-up castle. His final appearance was in New Super Mario Pallette Swaps where Mario defeated him.

In an interview for the one who thought of the idea for Bob, he said that "I don't think Bob will appear again. After all the Mario series will end soon," he said. However note that Bob the Builder got his own TV series, and Mario is never mentioned or seen.


He appears in many shames as well like Can We Fix It? and Super Mario Bros: Great Mission to save that Bimbo without Mario and Luigi.

On his shameful appearances


Bob The Builder10:08

Bob The Builder

Bob The Builder's smash hit song

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