Bowser castle

Look how evil it is...

Bowser's Castle
is a place residing in space sector 1337 of The Known Galaxy.

Actually, it is under construction now. Construction started in 1985 and the most possible date of construction's end is 200.

Bowser's Castle Project was invented by an unnamed Koopa Troopa, who was a farmer. Bowser and his army stopped near his farm one day and stole anything, that they could eat or sell. One of stolen things was a book with pictures of great castle, floating in space and firing lazors in Mario's house. Bowser said that he loves pictures and send the book to his castle. Later he send koopas to Space Sector 1337 to build the Castle.

Bowser's Castle is the biggest weapon warehouse in history. Most of the mass destruction weapons are in the castle dungeons.

It has been reported that a large amount of Adobe is stored in Bowser's Castle making it a likely target of Nairobi.

Bowser sometimes visits Bowser's Castle to decorate his throne room. It has been rumoured that George W. Bush is hiding in the weapons warehouse, if seen please report to the koopa squadron 9.

UPDATE; Bush has been found in the basement of the castle, eating Toads that refused to marry him.

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