Brighton is a Roman Spanish inquisitor from 1600s (also known as Failure [not to be mistaken with the world's biggest failure, Dubya). His revival SOMEHOW caused the World War II.

In the Videogame War

  • He burned 900045586474158712356864364 and two people.
  • He was killed by Tumble in an "epic" DBZ like battle.
  • In 2039 he was revived by Bianca Rinaldy. What started the World War II when Mario fans, Sonic fans, Pokémon fans, Pac-Man fans, Woody Woodpecker fans, Americans, Italians, Dubya-followers and some stupid little group of people, the Nazis, commanded by Adolf the Dwarf.

How the war ended for him

Brighton died in the second half of the war, meaning that he is dead

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