Cackletta is a huge, ugly, evil female monster with tentacles and huge claws. She's a witch, really. There's no getting around that. She appeared in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Shmaga as the main villain and in Super Mario Solar Systems along with her star-shaped minions. She has an amazing power to turn into a giant. Well, she already was a giant but she can turn into an even bigger being. This is shown at the end of the shame. She's dumb, ugly, and wishes to turn everyone into Teletubbies! But she's still evil. And freaky. And bad. And evil. And a villain. Anyway, Cackletta is often confused with Princess Rosalina, yet she is a princess. They are different, you incompetent fools! GET THAT THOUGH YER FAT LITTLE SKULL ALREADY! Hahahahahaha!!!! Whoohahahahaha!!!! Bwahaha-(COUGH). Sorry about that. Anyway, in Super Mario Solar Systems, she tricks Mario and Luigi into getting tons of Stars to save Peach, which would REALLY make her destroy the Universe. However (and luckily), Mario and Luigi didn't successfully find one Star by the end of the shame. Sadly, there were plenty of Stars for her to use to destroy The Known Galaxy. However, Bowser accidently creates a black hole which destroys all the Stars and, after a sequence of random things, the events of the entire shame never happened, thus making everything happen all over again. Well, we don't really know how that can happen...


Cackletta became so obsessed with Mario that she had grown a moustache!

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