Carl is an explorer who is over 80 years old, meaning he gets an discount on buffets. He hates everything but his house.

He appeared in an shameful movie, Down.

He likes to kidnap kids, dogs, teachers, and birds.

The horror himeself.


Despite the fact he is an old man, he is Chuck Norris's grandson. He can rip off anyone's head, turn into an ghost, make his house fly, and make Magic Balloons. He sometimes will attack using an Bagel.

Boring Facts

  • Carl hates everyone using an laptop.
  • Carl hates you.
  • Carl tried to attempt suicide.
  • Carl wears glasses.
  • Carl's last name is Fredrickson.
  • Carl is learning Weegee's stare.

What's he going to be for Halloween

Your mom.

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