Cheese Craze of '07 was a big event that took place in the Mario Wiki. It was a bunch of spam, though it was argued to not be spam by the Cheese Lovers and Peachycakes. In the Cheese Craze '07 (started by Evil Guy), the Cheese Lovers (using a device known only as Category talk:Cheese Lovers) talked about nothing but cheese and made pictures of the food, often bad, crappy MS Paint-made edits that produced humorous parodies. However, since it was considered spam, Daisy (forming a league known as the Cheese Haters) stopped the Cheese Craze; however, the Cheese Lovers brought it back. Wayoshi and Paper Jorge then stopped the Cheese Craze once and for all. It is unknown if there will be a Cheese Craze of '08 or '09. The Cheese Craze of '07 is still living, however, in other wikis, and references to cheese still abound in Super Mario Wiki, though usually only through things such as user pages and the forum, as well as countless shames. Evil Guy was the official namer of the Cheese Craze of '07. *The Cheese Craze of '07 was brought to UnMario and slightly revived later by BTK who claimed to be both a cheese lover and cheese hater.

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