3 racers in Cheese Land

Cheese Land is where all of the Cheese Lovers hang out. It appeared in the Cheese Cup in Super Mario Kart TV. It was invaded by the Evil Guy so he could make Cheese Muffins, but got convinced to join the race instead. Cheese Guys appear out of nowhere, and nobody really cares. It is Baby Barack's least favorite course.


SMK map.


In recent news Evil Guy archeologist dig has found out something interesting about the cheese on this plane. It is said whoever shall dig to the centre of this plannet, and retrives the cheese core then they shall live a life forever in the pressance of the cheese gods, and the shall revive an unlimited amount of cheese. Evil Guy decided he must have this power so he shall never have to walk to the store to buy cheese anymore, thus creating a very dangerous,new threat.


As Evil guy forces dug away at the planet, the native species of the cheesonions took notice of this, they could not dig into the plannet as this ground was sacred to them. The many tribes revolted, but Evil Guy overwhelmed there primitive ak47,s and shotguns, as they had the power of muffins, little did Evil Guy know, these muffins were creating ions between the cheese, these ions supercharging the ground, acting as keys to the four sceptres of cheeseycool around the area, As all four doors opened. For 1 minuite. The planet stood still. The threat the cheeseonions had hoped to keep away had arrived. The isslimas. The isslamas soon charged onto the plannet, obliterating all with there cakey goodness. The forces of Evil Guy and the cheeseyonions had to team up in order to create a force to repel these cakey invaders.

Soon Evil Guy realized, it was impossible fighting as they simply overwhelmed. Which is why he had to sacrifice the very fabric of reality, by summoning weegee to them with the pendant he got from the funfair last night. To cut a long story short weegee blasted down the forces and they all had an awesome rave party. And link got bold.


  • There was planned to be a cheesy pit, but when the Lakitu would get you, he would get all cheesy and would have to take a shower for the rest of the race. AKA No more lakitu.
  • This battle was the longest battle ever recorded in history due to the fact that before they summoned Weegee they fought for over 9000 dinners.

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