The Squad bursts into action. If you can look carefully, you can see Toadsworth kidnapping Bill Gates.

The Cheese Squadron is a boring group of Cheese Lovers who want to protect Cheese from being eaten by fat guys like Bowser. Everyone hates them, but they never listen. Most of their time consisted of eating and worshipping cheese. The members are Mario, Yoshi, New Mario, and Bill Gates. Their number one enemies are the Mist Girl and Awesome Guy, who want to arrest them for stealing and murdering Cheese. Their most powerful member, Daisy, was killed by Mist Girl when she gave her seizures.


One day there was storm that rained cheese. Bowser and George Bush soon started eating all the cheese. This made lots of people mad, but since they were lazy they called New Mario to kill George Bush. New Mario did succeed, but it turned out to be a clone. Then he called Yoshi to destroy Bowser. Yoshi called Mario, Mario called Bill Gates, and then they formed an alliance. They once tried to kill Bowser with Toast and over 9000 Goombas, but they failed.

then everyone bloated and exploded and died.................................the end

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