Cheese is good for YOU!! is another episode of The Super Wario Bros. Wah Wah! Show In this episode, Waluigi goes on a killing spree!


  • WARIO and BOWSER are watching Television when WALUIGI walks in...
  • WALUIGI:I had a nightmare! Can I stay up?
  • WARIO: No Way, moron! Get to bed!
  • WALUIGI: But it's only 6:30!
  • WARIO pulls out a gun!
  • WALUIGI:(runs upstairs)I am sick and tired of them bossing me around!
  • Early next morning, Waluigi buys some explosive, yellow cheese and slips some into Wario's breakfast!
  • WARIO:(walks out of bathroom) Ah!
  • DONKEY KONG: You've been in there for over an hour!!
  • WARIO: SO?! I drank 25 litres of molten Chicken last night! If you have a problem go pee outside.
  • WARIO sits down and inhales his breakfast.
  • WARIO: Oooog...That....didn't taste......very good. WHAT WAS IN THAT WALUIGI?!
  • WALUIGI: Let's just say......cheese is good for you!
  • WARIO inflates, then explodes...
  • WALUIGI: That's whatcha get when yo push me around foo! ...WOW! That felt good! I should.....
  • "2 hours later..."
  • Person: RUN! HE's coming!(BOOM!)
  • WALUIGI is shown running around with a sackload of cheese,and throwing it at pedestrians. As the camera fades, he is seen shouting CHEESE IS GOOD FOR YOOOOOOOOOUUU!!!


  • Wario actually had to pee for over an hour, so the writers included that in the story!
  • This episode was one of the least popular because of the fact that Waluigi was the main character.

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