Bellwood 001

The Cityscape Galaxy is a galaxy in the shame Super Ronald Galaxy. It looks like a big city at night with junkies on the street and Modern Geeks screaming out stupid things as they try and play Mario & Luigi: Teh 4w3s0m3 Adventure. It only has one mission, and that is easy, so people often make fun of it.


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A Kid at Cityscape Galaxy

Mission 1- Jump To The Top!

This is a laughably easy mission, and the one of two in the Cityscape Galaxy. It involves Ronald jumping into the air once and then he gets the star. Talk about lazy programmers.

Ronald McDonald: I Really hated the fricken hit detection...

Mission 2- Donkey Kong

All you have to do is spin 3 switches, which kills donkey Kong. EASIEST GALAXY IN THE GAME

Ronald McDonald: Can I get back up there?


  • If you jump over to the window on the highest floor on the skyscraper on the other side of the road, you can get into an open window and see some Modern Geeks playing Mushroom Black and Mushroom White, and watching The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show!.
  • The Cityscape Galaxy is actually the biggest galaxy in the entire shame.