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The Colonel himself.

Colonel Sanders is the owner and boss of Kentucky Fried Chicken. He is a sometimes an ally of Mario, Luigi, and The King, though Pamela Anderson would say otherwise. He appears as a bush in Super Paris Hilton Sunshine.


Colonel Sanders is the mascot for KFC. In the Mythos, he is simply very obsessed with KFC and seems to visit regularly. He is also one of the most hyper and peppy characters in the entire Mythos, and one of the most expressive.


"It's finger-lickin' good!" - Colonel Sanders

Appearance Edit

Sanders is a chubby, white-haired and white clothed man who wears glasses and has yellow, unkempt teeth. Generally, he is modeled after his real-world counterpart, although his clothing is basically Santiago's despite being bleached white.

Personality Edit


As said in the introduction, Colonel Sanders is very active and energetic, to the point where his videos are often the most fast-paced on Pamtri's channel, with background music that is not dark or distorted to boot. However, Sanders is depicted as having an awful temper and can leap before he thinks. When he goes to KFC, upon realizing that they ran out of his desired meal and don't sell toys (The toy in question that he requested was a Santiago toy), he ends up destroying the whole restaurant.


Super Ronald Galaxy

In Super Ronald Galaxy, Colonel Sanders helps The King steal the Power Stars from McDonald's. He appears in the first boss level, Colonel Sanders' Bucket Reactor, where he sends out Waluigi to attack Ronald McDonald. He later appears in the third boss level, Colonel Sanders' Hot Sauce Reactor, where he sends out Bowser to fight. His next appearance is in the fifth boss level, Colonel Sanders' Chicken Plant, where he fights Ronald personally. His last appearance is in the final boss level, The King's Restaurant Reactor, where he appears as a mini-boss alongside Waluigi and Bowser. He appears to be killed when the Restaurant Reactor explodes.

Mario & Luigi: Teh 4w3s0m3 Adventure

Colonel Sanders also appeared in Mario & Luigi: Teh 4w3s0m3 Adventure, where he joined the Mario Bros. after they saved him from a Super Duper Thingie. Around the end of the shame, Colonel died when fighting Bowser, yet Nobody bothered to revive him.

Trivia Edit

  • Colonel Sanders is shown to have survived the explosion at KFC.
  • It's heavily implied that Colonel Sanders is a child abductor. Judging by the way Sanders treats Billy (Taking out a gun and ordering Billy to record his visit to KFC, implying he will shoot him otherwise), it would seem that this child has been kidnapped and brainwashed by Sanders.