Real Shy Guy 123

Your average Cowboy Guy....

Cowboy Guy, not to be confused with Cowboy Boy, is a type of Shy Guy that's obsessed with cowboys, and therefore tries to pose as them in every way. They love to eat DINNER.Some appreciate a piece of crap. They taste like crap too, cow crap to be exact. This is because they live in your toilet, and the rodeo, at the same time. They travel in groups, and they get into a lot of arguments, and when they do they kill each other. They are much better off traveling alone. They only travel in groups because they are so stupid, and they don't know better to travel alone. They kill each other a lot, by now the entire species is gone.

So there all dead. That's all.OMGWTFBBQ

Oh, Cow boy Guys also have SHINY BUTTS.