“Is that a toaster!? I'm gonna nab it!”

Croco, about to nab a toaster. Look at all the Paint Tool Sai uglyness "glory"!

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Sir Blaze

Croco is a purple crocodile who likes to nab toasters from Mario and Luigi, and runs off with the toaster. He is also a friend of Marx, a vandalish imp who fires heavy friggin' LAZ0RS! For some reason, he is related to Bowser and Yoshi. His easiest toaster-nabbing target are things everyone hates, and beats them up before proceeding to run off with the toaster. He is also on the WANTED list as a Thief/Vandal, as he vandalized a toaster shop, and got away with a sack of twelve toasters. When he is in danger, he summons a giant PS3 from the sky to flatten his enemies, and can pull out a Morshu Bomb from his Sack of Magic, as well as using Hammers and a Koopa-shell Bazooka. He first appeared in the shame Mario's Toaster Factory but got fired for nabbing every toaster there and spray-painting "You suck, Mario" onto the walls. Croco threw his PS3 at Mario, but was defeated by Mario's 360. He next appeared in Grand Theft Toaster (GTT for short), where he and his gang attacked Toaster World's toaster shipment. He took the toasters back to his safehouse. Mario shot Croco and took back the toasters but he sold them for drug money. He then appeared in Pokémon Toaster version. He was the main legendary in it. He is found in the Cave of Toasters at lvl 50. His attacks are Toaster Nab, PS3 bomb, Machine gun and Heavy LAZOR. His only weakness is Xbox 360 fan type Pokémon.