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The Crystal Land Galaxy is a galaxy in the shame Super Ronald Galaxy. The galaxy is full of valuable, rare and expensive crystals, and Internet the Explorer appears here in his second mission of many.


Mission 1- Internet the Explorer's Laser Cannon.

In this mission, Internet the Explorer appers again, this time trying to shoot at Bill Gates with a laser cannon he bought on Amazon for $298. Unfortunately, he needs fifteen purple crystals to fire the device at Bill Gates' mothership. Once Ronald collects fifteen purple crystals, you get to control the laser cannon, shooting Bill Gates' missiles and attack craft down whilst blowing his ship up. When the ship is destroyed, a Power star shoots ot of it and lands on the ground whilst Bill Gates lands on a nearby planet- the Spear Tower Galaxy. He appears there in a secret boss mission only once you have completed this one.

Mission 2- Felix the Cat and the Chariots


  • Internet the explorer does the Caramelldansen if you spin him.
  • In a secret pipe in this galaxy is a Dry Bones doing the Peanut Butter Jelly Dance.
  • Bill Gates and Internet the Explorer appear in this galaxy.
  • Felix the Cat is a boss in Mission 2