DINNER is the signature food of West Hyrule, which can come in many varieties. It is the signature food there since TheKing of Hyrule likes it so much. It is the rival to the Mushroom Kingdom's Lotsa Spaghetti and George Volcano's BREAKFAST.

Currently they are making APPLE DINNER for Ryuk so they can completely crush lotsa spaghetti. DINNER is also one of the three items turned into a piece of the Triforce, as the Triforce of Dinner. Dinner has also been known to have protective powers as The King often remarks "I'll take the Triforce of DINNER to protect me. Link, if you don't hear from me in a month, SAVE ME!" DINNER is The most common food in Hyrule also Ganon hates it because it has Bacon in it so he switched to spaghetti because it does not have pork in it. Because of that, the King sends Link to beat up Ganon every once in a while. The king is often wondering what's for dinner. He is also the only person who can use it as a weapon.

The King's DINNER.

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