Castle2USE THIS ONE Daisy`s Castle aka Evil Place of Doom is a place in the amusement park Witchyworld in its new location: Death Mountain. Daisy doesn't like her own kastle because it sucks and nobody ever goes there.

`bout the castle

Nintendictionary describes this castle like this: An air castle pumped by Pump Master 3 and scary place of Daisy`s evil plans to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and Mushroom Black and the MIB TIB (Toads in Black) because she thinks they`re stupid.

Famous rooms in this crap

  • Hallway of Doom
  • Nasty Bathroom with a blocked toilet asking for help to be unblocked cozy some guy blocked it with lotsa paper.
  • Bedroom of Doom
  • Din`s Dinner room of DINNER
  • Backyard of the BACKYARDIGANS (AUGH MY EYES!)

The club

The club is reserved for those who survived this attraction

  • Total members of the club: 0

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