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Dance Dance French Revolution: Mario Mix is a shame released to the Pii in early 2000s. It was created by Napoleon and his yellow horse and stars himself, Lyndis and some loser called Mario.


/One day while mario was dancing, some French people came and stole his boom box. Then mario gets his spare boom box and starts to dance after the evil frenchies. (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH FRENCHFRIES)


mario follows them to an underground bottle of volvic revive. After a long battle, only one frenchie survives. Then he runs aways. Mario dances after him once again. He goes through a place called Disney world, a place called KFC and a place called underpants. He catches up with the frenchie only to find he's fused (using the conviniently located washing mashine that fuses/kills people) with Napoleon bonaparte and Napoleon Dynamite to create Super Ugly Gosh Guy. Mario has a battle and wins, but then he can't find his boom box. Then he realizes that it was in Super Ugly Gosh Guy's pocket. So he just destroyed hiis own boom box. He cries home to mommy, who buys him a new boom box. Then the frenchies take it. Then the game repeats its self. Over and over. And over.


And over and over and over and over. It never really stops.


Hokey Pokey - When putting legs in, he kicks opponets. When putting arms in, he punches opponets. When he puts his head in, he headbutts, and when he puts his body in, he bodyslams.

Soulja Boy - When doing supa man, he pokes enemy in eye.

Chicken Dance - When doing first movement, he grabs enemy's nose. When second movement, he actually flies up while flapping. (and pulling enemy on nose with him.) In third movement, he actually goes down when waddling down, and lands on enemys face,


Volvic Revive drop





Little Kid Whos Visiting Disney World

Tortured Chicken

KFC Eater


Poop Stain

Pee Stain

Super Ugly Gosh Guy (Napoleon Bonaparte and Dinamyte And Frenchie)



People Gave it 1 out of 10 stars. Oops, sorry. 1 out of 10 THOUSAND stars.

It was a piece of shit just cuz.