Dancing banana

The Dancing Banana is a mutant banana who is good at dancing, well, mainly his own kind of dance. The music he dances to is .

Winnie the Poo once roundhouse kicked him to make a banana spilt sundae for his crush Hunny, but ultimately phailed and he came back to life in a trash can.

He's invicible. If he explode himself he will return.

What you need to know

Dancing Bananaman00:43

Dancing Bananaman

The stupid banana.

  • He's yellow
  • He's a Banana
  • He can dance. (yes, even better than your grandmother)
  • He can explode himself
  • He is Invicible
  • He has 2 legs and arms
  • He rivals the Dramatic Chipmunk
  • He was revived in a trash can once, so he smells like $#*! now.

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