Dark Dora the Explorer, in all her evilness! PH33R!.

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Dark Dora the Explorer is Dora the Explorer's evil twin. She was born when Dora was experimenting with Boots on cloning monkeys.


Dark Dora the explorer is constantly trying to be a Mephiles the Nig esque and is trying to combine with Dora, however, she always fails since she has Waluigi's DNA.

In Super Mario 129 she accidentally fused with Bowser and Evil Guy to form Super Dimentio, the most powerful being in the Unverse. However, It's weakness was Oxygen, and exploded the second it was born.

She appeared as a boss in Paper Iron Man, at the Chicken Farm. She guards the Copper Star fiercely. Her weakness in the game is her butt. Hit it 3 times to win.

She was mentioned, but not seen, in Chuck Norris Galaxy in the meeting in the law abiding office. George Bush says that she attempted to get into the SheeBookie, but she failed her initiation and the SheeBookie teamed up on her and destroyed her, indicating she is probably dead. She revived Gay Luigi but he used a fart-shroom and farted her to death with his deadly farts so they became half-off at the store.


  • Dark Dora is grey.
  • Dark Dora has Dark on her name.
  • Dark Dora is evil.
  • These facts are all sarcasms.
  • Why AM I HERE!?
  • Stuff is called stuff...
  • Her hair is black.
  • I don't know why you are here.

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