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Full of pie

Dimentio is a weird Dancing Jester-like guy who constantly tries to take over Bowser's Bathroom. According to the Darketh Prognosticuth of Evilneth, he's the difference between Deodorants and Ultimate power, which means that he's destined to rule over the universe. His favorite word is Ciao from which he learned in Teletubbies. He always speaks in Italian so people keep beating him up; because they can't understand him. He was later attacked by his obnoxious coworker Mimi because he read her diary. They both ended up in the ER and the reconstructive surgery required cost him most of his mass and, if he still follows Dancing Jester porportions, his legs would end somewhere above his head, which wouldn't make any sense.


  • He can transform into Super Dimentio by throwing a seed on Luigi's head, because randomness gives him power.
  • His evil comes from childhood trauma which was caused when he lost his wallet at Las Vegas. It is unknown why it caused the trauma.

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