Don Fernando (Donaldo de Elvira Dannielle Pteri el en Fernandao) is a character in the novel Don Quixote, where he appeared as a wealthy nobleman who aided Don Quixote. However, this was just a ruse, as FERNANDO is actually one of Evil Guy's sidekicks, who helped Evil Guy steal the Moon Sprites in Super Mario Moonshine. Before Mario faced Evil Guy, Don FERNANDO became MEGA Don FERNANDO, however, Mario defeated him and went after Evil Guy. Next he appeared in Mario versus His Replacements as the boss of the seventh world where he attacks Mario with a canon. He also appears in The Super Evil Guy Super Show!, as one of the main characters. Like many people, he usually eats Waffles in his spare time. Recently, guys noticed he is a Pokemon, but that's not very important. He is also a minor member of AMMO.

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