Donkey Kong is a mix between a donkey and king kong

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called "experts" at MarioWiki have a real article on Donkey Kong.

Yoshi versus Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong is an overgrown mario cookie that hates his arms, so he expanded his dong to cover them up. DK is responsible for making a live Kirby. This Kirby had beaten him up and ruined his eyes so they turned red. DK became blind, and couldn't see, so he got a guide dog. He enjoys smelling various things and breathing Oxygen.

He had once battled Little Mac for the title but like all the other fighters, got beaten up.

Donkey EntireDance

Donkey Kong is putting on the groove.

He first appeared in the Donkey and Pong shames as one of the playable guys. Next he stared in Donkey and Pong Country where he and King K. Rool play what fans called "Ping Pong" with a new ball- Diddy Kong.

  • he will shower you with coconut cream pies
  • he is Bonzi Buddy's distant twin

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