A gameplay screenshot.

Donkey and Pong Country is a shame produced exclusively for the Super Nintendo Edutainment System. While a follow-up to the older Donkey and Pong shames, the series was retooled with the thankful removal of Mario and the introduction of a lovable cast of cool, new characters. Its gameplay is identical to that of the earlier Donkey and Pong 3, with Donkey Kong continuing to hold his classic role, albeit it with a new ally and annoying ball. It is also the first-ever Donkey and Pong game to feature a story made, following DK and K. Rool across six boards as they attempt to reclaim their bananas from the evil Diddy by whacking him with not-so-pixelated white sticks.

As mentioned above, Donkey and Pong Country marked a new beginning in Donkey and Pong lore, at a time when NintenDON'T was desperate enough to allow Donkey and Pong games to be produced by a bunch of n00bz0rz. This, of course, was met incredibly poorly by all "fans" in existence, although Shigeru Miyamoto was very pleased with the shame, stating that "Donkey and Pong Country proves that players will put up with poor art as long as the gameplay is good." Shiggy would later be very exuberant at the pressure to make his own cheap rip-off of the shame and its style.


  • Monkey Lines - In some levels, lines block Diddy. Diddy also picks up speed in this world.
  • Wimp Caverns - It's kinda dark, so DK or King K. Rool have to use certain Barrels as light switches.

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