Dora The Explorer was a character in the shame Mario: Dora and Boots. Mario, while waching TV, spotted Dora The Explorer on, and decided to watch it. However, Mario soon learned it was a conspiracy. Mario went into their studio, and a long battle ensued. Right when Dora was down, Poops The Monkey helped Dora out by kicking mario in the shin. Mario fell down to the floor, and Boots trapped him in a handheld game device.

However, the device malfunctioned, and Dora and Poops went in there to. Mario woke up next to Backpack. Dora abbondedned Backpack and died. Next to Backpack was Map. They both helped mario get revenge on Corpse Dora and Boots. Mario lit both Corpse Dora and Boots on fire and both of em died.

Dora the Explorer is one of the many characters who have a TV show and have appeared in almost every Mario game. An example is Bob The Builder. Dora was confirmed to be Weird Al's long lost cousin.

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