the horrible dork star. It has a stunning resemblance to fawful...

The Dork Star is an ancient artifact that grants great dork related powers to whoever finds it.


The Dork Star was created by accident during the fight between Fawful disguised as Dark Bowser and Bowser, during one of the mightier blows. After Dark Bowser used a huge amount of Dork power, the Dork Star was created. This was a terrible mistake.


The Dork Star starred in only one Shame. In Mario and Luigi: Are Pie Jee 3*, Fawful the Awful will steal it in order to get revenge. However, in the end it is eaten by a Baby Yoshi.


  • Mario and Luigi: Are Pie Jee 3* creates a time paradox, as Fawful was killed shortly after the battle between him and Bowser, and, thus, could not have been in that game to steal the Dork Star. HAS YOUR BRAIN ASPLODED YET?

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