Down is an unsuccessful movie made by Pixor. It is about some guy and a kid going on an adventure in a house being relocated by balloons.


Carl Fredricksen, a shy and quiet young boy, meets an energetic and outgoing bucktoothed someone named Ellie, discovering they share the same interest in exploration as their hero, stupid Waluigi. Ellie expresses her desire to move her clubhouse to the park, a promise she makes Carl keep. Carl and Ellie wed and grow old together in the old house where they first met while making a living as a  and a  respectively. Stupid to have children, they TRY to save up for the trip to the park but other stupid reasons arise. Just as they seem to finally be able to take their trip, Ellie dies of old age, leaving Carl living alone in their home as a sour recluse with nothing to live for and missing his wife terribly. As the years pass, the city grows around Carl's house with construction as Carl refuses to move. After a thumb war with a certain plumber over Carl's broken potty, the court orders Carl to move into Stupid Sahdoe Retirement Home. However, Carl comes up with a scheme to keep his promise to Ellie, and uses his Gamebox to create a makeshift airship using tens of thousands of helium balloons which lift his house off its foundations. Ruf, a  trying to earn his final merit badge for "Tying his shoe", has stowed away on the porch after being sent on a literal snipe hunt by Carl the day before.

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