Dr. Eggman

Not to be confused with Dr. Robotnik!!!

“Who you callin' egghead, eggface!”
Dr. Eggman
Dr. Eggman Adult

Dr. Eggman as an adult. He is commonly seen wearing a baret.

Dr. Eggman is Sonic's archenemy. He is a bald guy with a huge mustache. He is also in the running of world's fattest thing in the universe, right next to the equally fat King Dedede, the world's fattest penguin and the Gorilla Donkey Kong. He is actually Mario's father as said in Super Mario 131. His real name was Dr. Robotnik until one day, some guy called him an egghead. People have called him Butthole ever since.

Dr. Eggman was based on a real scientist who lived from 1000 to 2000. After the video game war, Sonic was in need of a new villain. It was then that Sega created a mad scientist who would rival Sonic. They named him Dr. Robotnik because he looked like him. He is known to say "NO!" and "PINGAS!" often, even at his own minions. Since he says it so much, it can be deadly when he says it. once eggman was OVER 9000 years old he killed sonic with OVER 9000 flasher badniks! then HE  took over the world! then his own mother took the power from him! then HE took the power back! then the WHOLE ROBOTNIK/EGGMAN FAMILY WAS FIGHTING OVER THE POWER!